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2010 New York Choreographic Institute, photo by Rosalie O’Connor
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Une Mode Qui A Du Chien Model | Beverly Peele by Friedemann Hauss
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oh my god

this is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen…
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just kidding why she never understand this 

internetgurls:  oh baby why you hate me


it’s not u, it’s your blog

oh ahahahah im just kidding you again omg you are so funny 

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Sylvester Ulv by Emmanuel Giraud
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internetgurls:  hahah omg blog rate is so stupitttttt things you said me im stupit hahahahahahaha omg omg


actually it was “send me a model and ill rate their attractivness” not your blog, and tbh, If I was rating your blog, you’d get like 3/10 bye

i love you :) 

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look how sick the colours in this laundromat are 
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